My name is Salome Gallan and I am an artist living in Hammersmith, West London.

I live in a beautiful little pocket that the locals proudly call Brackenbury Village.  This area is also popular for hosting the "Artist at Home" event every year and I am planning on joining them in 2020.  I feel very lucky to live in this beautiful part of London.

My home is my studio.

This is where most of the magic happens.  If you were the blackbird in the cherry blossom tree in our garden, you would be able to keep a close eye on how I do my work. 

My energy lies here which makes it a very happy & sacred space to do my work. ​

I am an abstract artist using acrylic and mixed media.

Bold textures and numerous layers are often used to express feelings and create mysterious stories for the viewer to explore.

I love using vibrant colours that express my feelings, and I also paint about current events and places I have been.

I incorporate movement and a happy flow in some of my work. With my bold pieces and my empathetic nature I always try to create a fun and uplifting experience for the viewer. 

I believe in my work and put my heart into what I do.  My work is a flow of mindfulness and hidden messages. I absolutely love abstract art, and always follow my intuition when planning a project.

I love to make people smile through my work, and listening to what emotions my work evokes.  Most of my work is very colourful and generates an uplifting feeling.

Art was one of my subjects in school, so from the age of 16 years to 18 years I attended an Art school in Cape Town.

In London I studied Graphic and Web Design then went onto studying Interior Design in 2009.  The course was combined with Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media and Textiles.


I hope my story will inspire you to do what you love!

You only have one life and doing what you love will make you the happiest version of yourself.

A few things about me: 

I am South African

I talk to my plants and cats about everything

I am a Reiki practitioner

I can draw portraits in black and white, but struggle to do abstract in black and white.

I am ambidextrous 

I can say a few words in Xhosa and Zulu

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